Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh. Crap. Literally.

Oh boy, where to begin....

I went for my follow up this past Thursday with Dr. Lee and am still not totally healing, so they switched me to a silver cream to try to speed up my tushie healing process.  I was going to comment on how I have a silver plated rear and how I hope it doesn't get stolen or something dumb like that, but time for jesting is over.  We were just going to wait and follow up in 3 weeks and hope for the best in the meantime.  As usual, my lovely body had other plans.

Friday I went to see a caterer with whom I've worked, had lunch there, helped out a bit in the kitchen.  I had a fabulous time out of the house for the day and really enjoyed being behind a knife and prep table.  As a thanks, he fed me an amazing calamari salad for lunch and sent me home with some food for dinner, 4 gourmet soups, thai noodle salad (that I helped make), moroccan couscous, and a huge loaf of freshly baked still warm bread.  It was a good day.  My parents and I ate, cleaned up, and I got ready for bed in anticipation of going to see my aunt for an overnight (Saturday to Sunday).  But....yeah...

I woke up Saturday morning feeling fine as always, went potty, and flipped out.  I had stool coming out of my vaginal area.  Ummm, in case you don't realize, I HAVE NO RECTUM.  This means most likely I have a fistula connecting my uterus to my small intestine.  Awesome.  I flipped and called Dr. Lee immediately, especially since I had just been up there not 2 days prior.  He recommended I eat very little and drink very little and to see him first thing Monday morning at his office, which I will happily do.  I'm actually eating nothing (think self imposed colonoscopy prep without the laxative) and sticking strictly to clear liquids.  I don't want any matter going through my intestine that may put pressure on a fistula and possibly cause leakage into my gut.  So all day yesterday and all day today I'm on water, Stewart's half and half (iced tea lemonade mix), and whatever else I want to drink that's clear, and I'll be seeing Dr. Lee tomorrow morning asap.

What we're all assuming is a fistula.  I'm hoping (but will probably not be so lucky) that he can do a dye test to diagnose it and not a barium swallow.  I hate barium, especially on a totally empty stomach of two days, not to mention the amout of pressure it causes inside.  Because fistulas don't fix themselves, at least to the best of my research and knowledge, this probably means surgery, probably Tuesday.  Oh joy.  So I'm intending on bringing my laptop with me this time and blogging from the hospital, morphine and all.  And as soon as I find out tomorrow just what my body has done to itself this time, I'll update on the specifics of what, where, and why. 

Prayers are appreciated, but most importantly for my parents and surgeon.  I can't believe we are all going through this again.  AGAIN.  I swear, they should have a frequent surgery program club card at Albany Med.  Wouldn't that be nice, have 4 surgeries, get a vacation on them for when you're healed up.  Maybe I should suggest that on their comment cards....never know....

Signing off for now and packing my surgical/hospital bag.  Will keep you posted when I know more. 

Love ya,



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