Saturday, August 21, 2010

I know women love shoes but...

is it really possible to be in love with a sneaker?  Truly in love?


I am not a runner, nor have I ever claimed to be.  Running is typically the furthest thing from my mind.  For years I've driven past runners and though of how tortured they looked, and vowed I'd never be one of them.  Well, thanks to the dash I'm officially one of the running population.  And this is where my beautiful shoes come in to play.  I did my research, like the good nerd that I am, and found that one of the most reasonably priced and yet comfortable/durable/liked sneakers was the Rockridge by Montrail.  In the category of running shoes that are designed for trail running, which I will be doing, these are not only the cheapest (not my deciding factor) but so highly rated that I had to take a chance on them. 

I had been running in walking sneakers up until they arrived, which were hot, stuffy, and a bit uncomfortable.  As I ran I couldn't help but think that I looked as tortured as those I saw and at which I had guffawed.  My wonderful Rockridge kicks have kept my feet cool and fairly dry in spite of my sweatiness.  I'm not saying they will make me any faster, which they won't, or make my running technique any better, which they won't, but by golly are my feet comfortable.  If I'm going to be participating in this tortured activity called running, I might as well keep my feet happy and thereby keep me happy.  I can't say enough about these shoes.  And it doesn't hurt that I found them for 59.99, got a 20% discount, and the grand total with shipping was less than $55 bucks.  Considering they're retailing everywhere else for much more, I'll take it!

As I continue my training, as we enter the "one month left to go," I'll keep you posted as to whether I continue to love them as much as I do now.  As long as they keep my feet cool and support me on all terrains, I can't see why I wouldn't love them.  Who knows, I might just make this running thing a habit.  Might.  ;)

Much love,

aren't they purty?!?

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