Friday, August 13, 2010

Reflections...(and not just my legs)

Okay, so I know that I'm pale.  Pasty white, to be exact.  That's what happens with Irish/English/Scottish/German blood lines.  Here's the fun part.  I've been getting out of work late, and don't have time in the morning to go for a run.   I went to my old high school (Marlboro High School) and ran the track for a mile tonight.  There were no lights on for the track, but lights on for the parking lot.  Well, I wouldn't need lights on for the track because...da duh daaaaaaaa!  I reflect light.  As I was running I looked down at my legs and noticed them nice and bright in the dark.  Apparently my skin reflected enough that I lit up the track by myself.  Stellar!  It brought me right back to college when I played tennis with a friend of mine.  We went at night, and he wasn't going to turn on the court lights because "your legs are bright enough to reflect moonlight".  Funny thing is this was coming from a pasty white Irish boy too.  That's how white I was. 

I did a run/walk at the town park the other day, and figured out it's a mile and a sixth one time around the park (Cluett Schantz in Milton, NY).  I did it one and a half times, and ran about half of it, though not continuously.  I was quite proud of myself.

Then I got a dvd/resistance band workout that kicked my butt.  Did that, and felt like I sweated more from that than from running.  Whew, it was intense. 

This week and next week we are babysitting my 2.5 yr old nephew, who's about 28 lbs.  He loves to be carried, so I'm using the up the stairs, down the stairs with the baby as impromptu workout sessions.  Hope it helps with my upper body and leg strength.  And on Saturday, I will be running around Benmarl in my usual 3" heels for a fun 14 hour day, up and down hills carrying lots of wine and doing a lot of tastings.  I figure with no time to formally exercise that day, work doubles as a workout.

So that's the end of week one.  One down, 5 more to go.  Hopefully I'll be in shape by 9/18.  Otherwise...eesh.  I'm gonna get creamed :)

Bye for now.  Will keep you posted as to the progress.


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