Saturday, August 7, 2010

Six weeks and counting...

So, here goes nothing.  I signed up for the warrior dash back when I found out about it, with all hopes that I would be running it no problems by the time it arrived on 9/18/10.  I figured, since I had 5 months left to train, that I would be in phenomenal shape by the time it arrived, and that I'd be able to conquer the dash no problem.  Well, here I am, 6 weeks away, and still haven't begun training.  Why, you might ask?  It goes something like this...

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 1991, and have been dealing with it on and off for the past however many years.  It's as much a part of me as I let it be, and I've tried not to let it limit my life.  In 2008 my intestine perforated, and I underwent emergency surgery to save my life, as I had severe peritonitus and gangrene internally since they estimate it perforated a full 3 days before I actually felt it.  As a result of that surgery, I ended up with a permanent colostomy, a great new outlook on life, and felt ready to take on the world when it was over. 

They left in my rectum, knowing that it was in bad shape and needed to come out eventually.  This past January 2010 my lovely remaining rectum ate through what was left of my large intestine and fistulaed.  Once again, I found myself undergoing an urgent surgery to take out the diseased rectum bit and switch my colostomy and permanent ileostomy.  I went through surgery, started recovery, and should have been healed by now.  Problem is, 6 months later, and I still have leaky heine.  So...

Now you can officially call me sweet cheeks.  We're filling the hole that won't heal with Medihoney, and hoping that will foster the healing process.  I don't know though.  I have one month left until the surgeon wants to go back in and see what's been going on.  Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I signed up for something I heard about called Warrior Dash.  It's a 5k on crack cocaine.  Translation:  a 5k, on the side of a ski slope, with an army ranger style obstacle course peppering the run.  I figured it would be a good way to show the world that having an ostomy doesn't mean not living life.  It means I can do everything you can do, I just do it with a bag. 

So, with only 6 weeks to go and considering I haven't even started training yet, I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.  My friend Mehul has developed a workout plan for me to try that is lower impact to not impede healing, and yet should still whip me in to shape.  Hopefully.

And on September 18, 2010, I will be covered in mud, soaking wet, leaping over fire just to prove that I CAN run the warrior dash (or walk it really fast).  I can't wait to earn my fuzzy viking helmet!

Much love. 


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