Sunday, August 29, 2010


For years I've tried to rationalize my love (and I do mean love) of chocolate milk.  For some reason I crave it even more lately after I've worked out in any capacity.  I have never been one for sports drinks, tended to hate Gatorade, and didn't drink much other than water with a bit of lemon if I had done any exercise. 

Welcome Stewart's Chocolate milk.  It's 1% milk, with no corn syrup (real sugar instead), and isn't as sweet as you might expect it to be, but with that awesome chocolaty goodness.  It's only 150 cal per 8 oz. serving, and fat cal are low.  The protein is as high or higher than some power bars and energy shakes and tastes a whole lot better.  I've justified every single half gallon I've consumed as "healthier than a handful of cookies" because it also provides me with calcium and vitamin D, which let's face it, are not found in most snack foods. 

I am vindicated in my love for chocolate milk.  How stoked was I to see this as a headline article on aol the other day: Reasons to love milk . 

Read it. 

Love it.

And join me in my very happy quest to get ready for warrior dash and drink copious amounts of chocolate milk to keep me strong.  After all, milk does the body good...pass it on!

love always,


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